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Who We Are

Cathy Cardenas PR offers public relations, marketing, event campaigns, B2B networking and so much more for clients.


No goal is too high and no audience is unreachable.


Cathy Cardenas PR executes business for clients with the principles of achieving results, executing

conscious public relations strategies, marketing, branding and creative event planning strategies. 


Cathy Cardenas PR firm offers PR, Marketing, social media campaigns, social media digital asset creation, event planning, product placement, celebrity endorsement services, personal branding and more.


With expertise and proven results in a wide variety of industries, CCPR prides ourselves on creating unique marketing programs and PR campaigns that make our clients stand out in saturated markets. Our client services are overflowing with creativity and passion that is cleverly combined with a unique business strategy and proactive nature with proven results.


Through innovative approach and unconventional tactics, we secure placements for clients in 

media outlets including The Tonight show, USA Today, Los Angeles Business Journal, The Kelly Clarkson Show, TV Tokyo, Entrepreneur magazine, Nightline,

Fox and Friends, PBS, The TODAY Show, WOAI, KENS, KSAT, SA Express News, Univision, Telemundo, HuffPost, Parents, Redbook and countless other local, regional and national online, broadcast and print outlets.

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